This web-documentary is the result of a workgroup formed by (from the eldest to the youngest): Maurizio Memoli, Claudio Jampaglia, Bruno Chiaravalloti, Silvia Aru. Sharing all phases of the research, each of them has performed one (or more) specific tasks related to his/her individual skills and propensities.

Maurizio Memoli: author, texts, scientific coordinator.

Claudio Jampaglia: author, workshop of storytelling, texts, editing, sound, producer.

Bruno Chiaravalloti: author, Dop, sound taker, editing.

Silvia Aru: author, field researcher, workshop of storytelling, texts.

The inhabitants of Sant’Elia who wanted to get involved in the project as well as in the web-documentary are an integral part of the author's work. The web-documentary was able to live mainly thanks to the availability, intelligence, cheerfulness and curiosity of our “narrators”: Pinella De Agostini, Rita De Agostini, Rosy Fadda, Deborah Lai, Cenza Murru, Paola Murru, Rosa Sabati members of the culturale association “Sant’Elia Viva” (Sant’Elia alive).

Antonino Calabrò: web development

Francesco Merlini: Art Director
A Prospekt Photographers agency production.

This work shares the approach and experimental methodology called “geo-telling”, already adopted in other projects with Francesca Governa, Raffaele Cattedra, Matteo Puttilli, Rosi Giua e Samuele Pellecchia.


This web-documentary is part of a multi-yearly research based on these projects:

“Giustizia spaziale e sistemi territoriali mediterranei. Politiche urbane, pratiche sociali, mobilità”, funded by Regione Autonoma Sardegna, L.7/2007, a.a. 2013-2017.

“Marges et villes entre exclusion et integration. Cas Méditerranéennes” funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (2013-2017);

“Narrazioni urbane multimediali nel Mediterraneo. Marginalità, spazi pubblici e politiche della città (Cagliari, Marsiglia, Fès)”, funded by Fondazione di Sardegna (2014/16).

The workshop of storytelling and the web-documentary have benefited of the contribution of the Cultural Council of the City of Cagliari

This site is hosted on the server managed by the DRSI of the University of Cagliari.


Thank to all those who participated in the research phases, helping and collaborating with their valuable suggestions, fruitful views and ideas: Aldo Aru, Emanuela Cara, Nanny Loy's primary school teachers, Raffaele Cattedra, Arianna Cocchi, Gisella Congia, Silvana Corazza, Marcellino Cuccu, Daniela of Bar Tabacchi, Gianni Lepori, Debora Locci, Matteo Puttilli, Lella Sirigu, Samuele Pellecchia.
Thank for the permissions granted to: Ipercarni Viale Elmas, Evening School "Don Milani" in Via Schiavazzi, the Parish of S. Elia.
In memory of Nanni Sabati.


Research: Prof. Maurizio Memoli,
Production: Claudio Jampaglia,,
Web: Antonino Calabrò,


All the images of this web-documentary have been shot and edited for scientific and educational purposes. For any request about images, write to: