In the first phase of the research, between March and June 2014, 127 structured questionnaires were provided to the inhabitants of Sant'Elia to build an introductory and significant self-representation of the space they live. The research team, under Maurizio Memoli's scientific coordination, consisted of Silvia Aru, Emanuela Cara and Matteo Puttilli (with the collaboration of Raffaele Cattedra in drawing up and submitting the questionnaire). The charts on this page show the most significant representations emerging from the survey: the most common and practiced neighborhoods in the district, perception of everyday space, impressions on positive and negative aspects, colors, places and words that best represent or are associated with Sant'Elia. The survey sample, which is statistically non-representative of all the inhabitants of the district, consists of: 58% men and 42% women; 52% of Borgo Nuovo and 48% of Borgo Vecchio. Generally, 6% are under the age of 18; 16% between 18 and 25; 44% between 26 and 50 years; 26% between 51 and 65 years and 8% more than 65 years old. 64% of respondents said they were employed at the interview, 36% were unemployed.