The workshop “Fotografando Sant’Elia”, in collaboration with Prospekt Photographers of Milan and the freelance photographer Gisella Congia, was held in 2014 spring at the Lazzaretto (once a leper hospital and today a museum and multi-functional center managed by the City of Cagliari) in Sant’Elia district. The workshop was structured in four meetings of half a day, carried out over a two-week period, for approaching the world of the image, training on some basic elements of photographic technique and collective reflection on the results of the questionnaires of the first phase of research. Every participant was asked to shoot into the district to interpretate it. During the workshop, more than one thousand photographs were taken by the participants. After a complex work of collective selection, thirty-six photos were chosen for an exhibition. The selection criteria did not follow aesthetic or photographic quality as the ability of the images to capture, express and give visibility to the links between photographers and space.